Light My Candle Lyrics

Artist: Bad Candy

What'd you forget

I know you, you're...
You're shivering

It's nothing
They turned off my heat
And I'm just a little weak on my feet
Would you light my candle
What are you staring at

Your hair in the monnlight
You look familiar
Can you make it

Just haven't eaten much today
At least the room stopped spinning

Your smile reminded me of...

I always remind people of --
Who is she

She died
Her name was April

It's out again
Sorry 'bout your friend
Would you light my candle


Oh, the wax...

It's dripping.
I like it between my --

I figured...
Oh well, good night
It blew out again

No, I think that I dropped my stash...

I know I've seen you out And about
When I used to go out
Your candle's out

I'm illin' --
I had it when I walked in the door
Is it on the floor

The floor

They say that I have the best ass
Below 14th street
Is it true


You're staring again

I mean you do...have a nice --
I mean, you look familiar

Like your dead girlfriend

Only when you smile
But I'm sure I've seen you somewhere else

Do you go to the Cat Scratch Club
That's where I work, I dance

Yes! They used to tie you up

I'ts a living

I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs

We could light the candle
Oh, won't you light the candle

Why you don't forget that stuff
You look like you're 16

I'm 19
But I'm old for my age
I'm just born to be bad

I once was born to be bad
I used to shiver like that

I have no heat I told you

I used to sweat

I got a cold

I used to be a junkie

Now And then I like to feel good

Oh, here!

What that!

Oh nothing, candy bar wrapper...

We could light the candle
Oh, what you do with my candle

That was my last match

Our eyes'll adjust
Thank God for the moon

Maybe it's not the moon at all
I hear Spike Lee's shooting down the street


Cold hands

Your's too
Big, like my father's
Do you wanna dance

With you

With my father

I'm Roger

They call me
They call me

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Artist: Bad Candy

Title: Light My Candle

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