Back Home Lyrics

Artist: M.Y.M.P.

Back Home

How can I stand the day alone
I recall the times when our love was thrown
And how will I get through the day
My tears are falling down
Remembering the words you said

Tell me that our love won't fade away

Can anybody tell me how a perfect love went wrong
Can anybody heal my heart and mend my broken soul
If there's someone who can count my tears and all my sorrow
Oh please make him come back home

You promised a lifetime of love that will never fade
Until the day the sun no longer shines
But you've let my heart died
You left me all alone I'm grieving now
Coz you found someone new

Tell me this is not a game you play

[repeat chorus]

I don't wanna go on without
No more sleepless nights because of you
Hold me tight don't ever let me go
Don't let me go

[repeat chorus]
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