Let Love Lyrics

Artist: Lady Gaga

Love lets love forgets
We don't need a world of regrets
So let's love
Let's love one another
Let's give love to the other
Black or white, young or old
Everybody needs a little love to hold

Love is my light that lets me see
Love is my key that sets me free
Love is right, love is good
Give it out, i know i should
Love was shed on a tree
Look out world, calvary
I am glad i'm a victim of love

Let love, linger over tokyo
Let love, soak down through idaho
Let love, stay like a port-de-pax
Let love, let love

Love never envies, love never boasts
Giving out love you get the most
Let love, let love
Let love go, let it flow
Let it come out of you
And let it show, love

Repeat chorus

Let's love one another
Let's give love to the other

Repeat chorus

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