Itsumo Lyrics

Artist: Dice K9

Juz' call me first born, you're my first love,
You're my 1st kiss from up above.
And I don't care if you don't give love back
Coz' n my heart is where your ass is at.
I love your eyes, your nose & your tender lips,
Wanna kiss your neck, your shoulders to your finger tips.
I go crazy when you shake those sexy hips.
Baby girl you're the 1 I can't resist.
You know I love you from the very start,
I don't care if you break my heart.
I'm the man & I'm here for you,
Believe me coz' my love is true.

Itsumo kokoro we hoshi itstuka
Dare katu mata koi nei utchitimu
Itsumo kokoro nei eiro itsumo
Anata dake no basho ga aru kara

You wanna get down with k-n-i-n-e,
Make sure that's pure l-o-v-e
Never talk about the i-c-e
Coz' I only got my h-e-a-r-t for y-o-u
I can't pay the bills for dinner,
I juz' give them my IOU
For sure, I'm not after f-u-c-k,
Got no b-a-d intentions don't wanna play girl,
Maybe we might spot a UFO,
Wait, that's not part of the rhyme juz' felt like sayin' so
You gotta know that I love from the start till f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

*Repeat chorus

Baby girl be my first lady,
Be the mom of my first baby
You didn't like me when you first saw me,
I'll be gentle I'll do it slowly.

Girl, I think it's better if you was with me,
I got doe coz' I juz' won the spelling bee
For you, I got all the t-i-m-e
Ask mommies to pass but I'm not so sure
Juz' doin' my on thing,
Shits more expensive than your fancy gold rings,
I don't mean dissin' coz' I gots to go there, mommies don't care,
All for them ladies, even chicks with nose rings.

*Repeat chorus 2x
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DICE  K9 - ITSUMO Lyrics

Artist: Dice K9

Title: Itsumo

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