Yeah I Rob (Feat Mr. Bigg) Lyrics

Artist: Three 6 Mafia


Yeah, mafia! 3 6 mafia! This is for you muthafuckin hoes in the muthafuckin club

Runnin round here clownin, frownin, muggin, like ya'll some muthafuckin gangstas. Nigga ya'll some muthafucking hoes. A nigga know you from the hood nigga and we gon' show wus really real nigga, for real for real BITCH!


Yeah i rob, yeah i steal,

Yeah i'll put ya body in a field

Now here i go bitch nigga, fuck wit me

(fuck wit me)

Now here i go bitch nigga, fuck wit me

(fuck wit me)


Now 3 6 we representin thugs

We reppin for the gangs

and the niggaz using drugs

We reppin for the gangsta ass gals in the club

We reppin for the headbussaz keepin mean mugs, i'ma keep me a slug

For 1 of you fakers

i got 100 rounds its 100 imitaters

So many wannabees folks wit beefs in the industry, niggaz claimin killa but they scared of these fuckin streets believe


Walk up in the club like a thug get yo ass kicked, step up off in the parkin lot and leave in a casket

Actin like a scary bitch you gigglin and laughin, let me hit that fuckin weed hurry up and pass it

Yeah they call me Juicy j the 3 6 mafia bandit

Gotta ride on 24s or somethin wit a candy

Pounds of dat weed yeah a nigga keep it handy

A real bad bitch and a 5th of dat brandy



Now when i pull up at the club im lookin so clean

77 cut dogg painted lime green

The hoes got quiet when i pull up on the scene for all u ugly ass hoes i gotta fake wedding ring

Today im married and my wife don't play

So if you want me to cheat ugly bitck you gotta pay

Its gon' cost 1000 dallars if you wanna see me play

I'll fuck you sideways bout 30 minutes straight

Then clean off my dick cuz a gotta kill the smell out

Holla at ya later i got mo dick to sell i got mo pussies to swell and mo dreams to tell and tell ya old man i aint goin back to jail

Im the last Mr. Bigg and i always keep it real

I'ma Alabama nigga representin mo beer

And i live in the mall i stay dressed to kill and i got so many diamonds it dont even look real nigga!


I got 6 different ways to kill ya showty

Got 6 different spots to put ya body

Got 6 different ways to cut ya up

And i even got 6 niggaz in it ya bro

Now how the fuck niggaz gon' talk that stuff

When niggaz like us come shoot the club up

And if you keep talkin we gon' make you what

You bitch ass niggaz gon' catch that cut


Back up in the club, dalla on swole

Sippin on AOs residue in my nose

In dat bitch 12 deep, freak bitches in my fleet

Hoe quit actin like you neva seen a nigga on TV

Got my uzi and my face in a bird like fontana

I prey one of you bitches try step to me with ana(blah)

I parent memphis shit, lord the livin legend

Still makin niggaz drop like 3 time felons

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