Terrorist Lyrics

Artist: Soulfly

Bobby! bobby bobby bobby, word up digital, digital
Terrorist shit, terrorist shit, come and get a hold of it
Tune of the black knight, killarm, killarm, killarm

[dom pachino/p.r. terrorist]
Contemplate on how to run this shit
Universally forever runnin
Reflect shots off my wall, (new shit) split your nugget
Thoughts too rugged, extortinate cream from off the budget
Refugees of the terrorist, fans, they f**kin love it
Insurance can?t cover it, maximum is a minimum
Niggas, they try to dub it, yo
It?s the hottest shit on the streets since summer ?86
My prefix, like a remix, throw wind bricks
Try and dub the shit is accurate
Come for your head, it?s immaculate conception
When my rep is, bustin shots
Niggas tryin to discuss my business around the neighborhood

[dr. doom]
Yo, switch blade grenade rhyme flows, buck niggas like wild
Up in these killin fields you bound to die slow
Your style staggers like a drunken whino
That?s why there?s no hope to defeat a black knight
That?s like tryin to walk a type rope
Switch blade grenade rhyme flows, buck niggas like wild rhinos
Up in these killin field you bound to die slow
Your style staggers like a drunken whino
That?s why there?s no hope to defeat a black knight
That?s like tryin to walk a type rope, wit no feet
Mercenary team, streets of concrete
Sasquash dump a nigga ass on wide friday
Invincible, doctor destruct thought
My lyrics ran ward like lebanon are troops, a desert storm
It be on son, compton is the city where I come from
Act dumb if you want to and catch a hot one
It?s that real, knuckle up, lace your boots tight
Don?t give a f**k 'cause every night is our night

[killa sin]
Rap bygones, smash pit, fire outta cons
F**k bygones, rely on islam and my pythons
Squeeze off long diss, window pitch, control of this
Gun pack recover my wrist, blast from this
Have these fake f**ks cursin my name
Knowin damn well I?m hurting the same
What part of the game you playin, get insane
Yo three months ago we was on, fall is short now
Chasin the don, your money ain?t long
Fagg*t f**k, bag em up, stick him in the back of my truck
Strip em and smack him up for actin up
He?s slithering, hit him in the ribs again
Broke the code of honor that we livin in
Could lead to the whole click, dismember when
Never that, killarm roll strong
Even though you born, watch the crew but still hold on
I love you when that drink, you probably told me who bust you
Should of payed attention but I slept so for that
I gotta dust two, devils off, headed off, all that
F**k it, blow trial stat, law and order cat gotta serve justice
What, f**k this, adjust, get your musket, and bust quick word up

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, these-[cut off]
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