Look For Me Lyrics

Artist: Decemberadio

DecembeRadio - Look For Me

There's a shadow heavy as a blanket
Keeping all the light from shining through
There's a doubt deeper than the hope
That this world could ever offer you
There’s a war raging like a storm
Ripping through the core of what you know is true
There's a peace that passes understanding
Let it be the hand that you hold onto

I'll be the one that never lets you go
I want you to know that

If you ever wonder where you are
If you ever think you've gone too far
I'll be that light out in the dark just look for Me
I'll be standing here with open arms
So close your eyes and trust your heart
And then you'll see, that I am all you need
Just look for Me

There's a grace dying to erase
All that you've said and done
There's a love always big enough
Doesn't really matter what you're running from
Let your faith take you to a place
Where life has just begun
Let your soul step into the flow
Brother, don't you know you can let it go
I want you to know that

When you feel alone just look for Me, look for Me
I'll be your eyes when you cannot see
So lay down your pride, step inside
And let forgiveness cover you
You know it’s true, I'll never leave you

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