Eidolon Alpha Lyrics

Artist: Rishloo

Oh Child, Deceive me

Enter the same the same as I

Moments pass as desperate contortions unfold

Seeking placid sanity a moment of calm

Cancerous anxiety and thieving doubt rain

Sheltering indifference to dignify rage

Begging for a line drawn in the sand to separate the prophets from the men then bittersweet the wicked so the guise of harmony can breathe again delighted

Hear me son the rivers dry again

Foretell the fate and lead us to the edge let the prideful sinners bear the gold and buy acceptance

Breathe again

To waste away inside here

The years in turn your haunting words have never left my ears

my mind oh reckoning pride is the mirror through which we must break

Wretched disfigured confused and distracted

Down in this cellar it's cold dark and manic

Clinging indifferent privilege demands you excuse your excuses, excuse your excuses and blame

You blame

Fearful, deceiver, dim motives erratic this dream to ambitious this vision too drastic

choke down rhetorical scraps from the attic

Forever to stand there and still just refuse to change

Just change

Set the nightmare alight and

Dance till these flames illuminate

the cause for the lie

Redemption is not beyond our time
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