Southside Lyrics

Artist: Ashanti

Song: Southside

Feat. Ashanti

Tell ya daddy stop his hating
Cuz I be wearing braids and rockin jerseys daily
But that dont mean im thuggin no
He dont want me with ya
But I aint tryna hear it though
Not tryna hear it though

But I know that if he knew yah
He would understand yah
Know that your my man and
He would never hurt me no
Let me come and see you
So that we can be alone, alone
Baby I know a place that we can go and be alone
As long as you make sure that you safely get me home
Don't worry baby

Meet me at the southside
Get you home by midnight
Make sure that your daddy just don't know daddy just don't know
I'll put you in the hoodbug
I know what I'm doin cause
We'll be eating on the low eating at the low

Meet me at the southside
Baby we can go hide
Knowin that mah boys goin have my back yeah-eeh-yeah
Only at the southside girl southside, eh-eeh-eh

Girl I'll know that we can make it
Cause we won't let him break it
I don't care whose wit it
Its you and me against the world
Tell me those three words that
Lets me know you're still my girl
Oh Baby, yeah

Oh I swear I'll never leave youwhy
People have lied

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