Touch It (Mega Remix) Feat. Lloyd Banks, Papoose, Dmx, Mary J. Blige, Rah Digga, Missy Elliott Lyrics

Artist: Busta Rhymes

[Intro & Chorus]

"Touch It - Bring It - Babe - Watch It -

Turn It - Leave It - Stop - Format It"


[Intro: Busta Rhymes (Lloyd Banks,DMX)]

Aiyyo Swizz (It Ain't Over) We Sone Created Another Epidemic For The Streets Nigga

Just When Y'all Thought It Was Safe To Poke Your Head Out Again, Let's Go!!!

I Know You Thought We Was Finished, Flipmode Bitch!!!

(G-Unit!!!) Yeah! Streetsweepers!!!

Remix We Bout To Do It Again!!! Remix We Bout To Do It Again!!! Remix Aiyyo Just Imagine If They Cut The Lights Off In The


[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks (Busta Rhymes)]

(Get Low Banks!) Who You Know That Got A Flow This Sick

Pump Shotty Nobody Can Hold His Clip

Them Hoes Eyein They Probably On My Dick

The Chocolate Would Look Good In My All White Whip (Turn It Up!!)

And You Know I Stay With The Skits So Don't Even Try

Kiss Yo' Ass Bye Bye You Be Alone In The Sky

And The First Human Being Now To Learn How To Fly

And I Be Low In The Bm On My Way Out Ny

(Get Low Banks!) I Know It Feels Like I Been Gone For A Minute

But I'm Back Chinchilla Ice On With A Fitted

Everybody Talk Money Everybody Gonna Run

With That Bowl Of Bread Smaller Than The Arm Of A Midget

(Turn It Up!!) And You Know I'm Doin My Thing It's Blue In The Ring

If You Had It Like This You Probably Do It The Same

But You Won't Cause You Broke All You Do Is Complain

After The Club, I'm A Put A Few In The Range And Let 'em


[Busta Rhymes]

Get Low X




Anything It's Took, It's Gon Be A Breakdown

Come Through Like "Hmmm, What I'm Gon Take Now?"

Whatever The Fuck I Want, Trust Me Dog

It Gets Ugly Even When It Comes To The Hunt (Turn It Up)

Niggaz Like To Stunt, You Wanna To Front

I'ma Hit You And Your Man

And Ima Hit You Where You Stand (What)

Niggaz Ain't Built For Nothin But Frontin

Come Through, Faggots Hit The Security Frontin (Keep Goin X)

Get That Do, What That Do? How That Do?

Fuck You Faggot, I Shot At You

And What? You And You Mans Butt, You In Your Man's Truck

But Your Chance Is Up, Not Get Up {Turn It Up}

You Know How That Shit Goes, Let That Shit Go

Ain't Nothin Change, Been The Same From The Getgo (What)

Get Up Out That Whip Yo, I Ain't Gon' Tell You Again

Fuck It, Say Hello To My Little Friend


Swizz Is The Monster, X Is The Beast

Fuckin Wit Bus, Man Everyday Is A Piece

Stay Off The Streets, Tired Of Talkin To Y'all Niggaz

I'ma Stick A Fork At Y'all Niggaz (Turn It Up)

When I Hit 'em, Man That Truck Gon Get 'em Man

Fucked Up How I Did 'em Man (What)

Ain't No Remorse But The Chorus, Truth Is

Can't ID The Body..Nigga Toothless

[Verse 2: Mary J. Blige (Busta Rhymes)]

(Now Get Low Mary!) Maybe You Can Guess Who It Is (Uh Huh)

Mary J. Blige About To Handle My Biz (Uh Huh)

I'm On My Grown Woman Still I Rep For The Kids

In Every Hood, And All My Peoples Doin A Bid (Turn It Up!!)

Now You Know Who's Really The Queen Deliver The Mail

Seven Hundred Thirty Thousand First Week Of My Sales

The Haters Plot And They Watch Lookin All Pale

While I'm On A Yacht, Overseas Doin My Nails

(Get Low Mary!) Well Let Me Show You How We Do (Ha!)

I Gotta Thank Everyone For Coppin The Breakthrough (Uh Huh)

Bus Did Take One The Remix Is Take Two

You Love The Way We Reinventin How We Just Stay New (Turn It Up!!)

How We Sellin Out Theb Stadiums, Arenas And All (Ha!!!)

Only Louis And Gucci We Don't Shop At The Mall (Huh!)

Got You Partyin And Dancin And Havin A Ball

And You Love The Way We Rappin'

And How We Do It For Ya'll Gohead And


[Verse 3: Ne-Yo (Busta Rhymes)]

(Get Low Boy) Only For The Women In Here

Like It When I Be Spankin Them And Pullin Their Hair

This Aint Freakin Your Presence Im Just Makin It Clear

And You All Know If I Wasnt Aware (Turn It Up!)

Get Your Hands Up In Da Air If Your Ready To Go

Come Through Ya City And Iim Runnin Da Show

To Tell Da Truth Im A Problem If You Didnt Know

Get Up Right In Ya Face And Holla Ne-Yo(Get Low Boy)

Shawty What You Wanna Do

I Aint Got Time To Deal Wit Your Attitude

Dis Was Designed To Put You In Da Mood

Im Tryin To Do Sumthin Nasty Wit You In Da Room(Turn It Up!)

Im A Freaky Little Brotha Wit A Whole Lotta Loot

Ya Boy Workin Wit Sumthin And Im Kinda Cute

Watch Da Way I Do It How I Turn It Out

Garanteed You'll Be Tryin To Put My Dick In Your Mouth

[Papoose (Busta Rhymes)]

(Get Low Papoose!) Pap-Oose Had To Get On This Club Banger

Smack You In Your Mouth And Make You Swallow Your Pulp Razor

Pop A Couple Bottles Laugh About It Wit Bus Later

Bare Witness Im Da Young Savior(Turn It Up!!)

I Got Staten Island On My Pinky Queens On My Thumb Dude

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