Mad Riot Lyrics

Artist: The Tossers

Riot, riot, riot crossed this land
In pork pie hats and denim masks and furious knife clutched hands
It was a bank holiday for languages lost
Being armed to the teeth to face this curse
If you ve always used establishment
We ve always used piss off to change the intonation in this verse
As curlew dies and structures burn laid barren as then night falls
Wandering zombies smoldering from the top
See their dead in our burned out halls

[Chorus 2x]

When all is done special branch comes through
With police finish off the rest of the best
Evacuated barren and I now know who s dead
As parliament wakes and yawns deep from the chest
Well, and the sun burns up the night
And the boot heels click
And the engines burn and John Major gets sick
And American soldiers station themselves
Round Serbian oil wells
And four course five star dinners down by the wakening church s bells

[Chorus 4x]

Well, we don t believe this way has worked
We ll burn down this mind set
Burning all your American illusions up
We ll show you what, where and when we re at
Well, almost everyone knows what homelessness is
And everyone know bout death
And you can t give morals onto either one,
Or justify it or come back and say it was worth the test
Well, when you give death you get death back
That s the way the cycle works
Well, when you ve taken - you get things taken from you
That s situational, that s your friends
you ve kept while doing the dirt

[Chorus 2x]

Riot, riot, riot, riot!
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