Feel The Rush Remix Lyrics

Artist: Shaggy

Shaggy - feel the rush

It's a summertime affair
Shaggy ha
Sun and fun in the
Atmosphere, oh yes
In the summertime when
The weather is high
You can stretch right up
And touch the sky
When the weather is fine
You've got women
On your mind
I'm gonna drive and ride and
See now what I can find
Now if her daddy's rich
Take her out for a meal
And if her daddy's poor
Then do as you feel
Speedin down the lane even
Though the speed limit's 25
And when the sun goes down
I'll make it with my cutie pie
Weh me say
Pretty little women
Sexy as can be
Sweet as a honey
Sting like bumble bee
Shaggy say
Sweet as honey?????

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