The Years Without Light Lyrics

Artist: Gwar

Scanning the crowd, defiling the writhing masses
And I saw your death, impaled on iron fences
Your fate was sealed, you're doomed to die on TV
Because your death, your bloody death
Will never please me, no

You don't know what its like, yes you never could
Possibly understand, I wish you would
What it means, what it means to stand on
Atop a heap of heads and hands

Now is time to divide the line
To make up what's left of my mind
Now you know, yes, now you know it's almost time
Your world, your doom, your life, your destiny
To live for Gwar and die, die, die for me

You must not let them stop what you do
You might get destroyed before I enter you
And you will do as I tell you to

The years without light
The years without light
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