Isabelle Lyrics

Artist: Isabelle Antena

Gregory And The Hawk - Isabelle
Now it's just you two
in a world of poems and paintings
I guess this means I'm through
it also means I'm breaking
but Isabelle what can I do
if I'm caught in him, this man you love
and Isabelle what can I do
if his strong hands make it hard to shove him away

and I know it's hard
to picture it up here
in your tobacco strewn back yard
and it is kinda tiresome to keep an eye on him
just look what he's done so far

but Isabelle what can I do
the last thing I need is to end up askew
and Isabelle what can I do
the prophets make it difficult
Isabell what can I do
in the few weeks time you're out of sight
and Isabelle what can I do
just because it feels alright

and the grounds already hard
where its been dug in
I've gone this way too many times
but the pit keeps going deeper
and I'm not turning back
so Isabelle try to understand

I know just what to say
but it's incorrect to say it
how do I break it to him
the death of one is staying
and all I think of now
is a way to get under and a way to get out
Isabelle what can I do
with the knife pain it's causing you

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Artist: Isabelle Antena

Title: Isabelle

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