Wolf Lyrics

Artist: Veruca Salt

That was a time for falling
I knew you well.
There was no time for calling
Me when you fell.
This is a time to take cover
In a wishing well.
Summer was blowing all over me
When you fell.
Sailors can take all the breathing
Out of the sail.
I took a trip when you needed me...

When you fell,
Waters were driving me
To a deep place;
I close my eyes to see
Your sweet face.
A coke can inside me,
I slept in hell...

Angels can be so deceiving
When they love you well.
Did you think you would be leaving me?
These are some lavendar flowers
In a broken shell;
They comfort me ever since the day when you fell.

When you fell,
Waters were dancing me
In a dark place,
I close my eyes to see
Your determined face,
My secret inside me
I slept in hell...

This a time for believing
In fairy tales
One in which you are brought back to me.

Wolf, I cried wolf.
Wolf, I cried wolf.
Wolf, I cried wolf.
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