Tired Bones Lyrics

Artist: Mad Caddies

I see your face your crimson eyes
Your sultry sin that devilish grin reflected in your guise
And with a hesitant hand I will taste it if I can
Not knowing what it takes to be a man
So play on just play on
I've seen it all before so count me in
I hope this night justifies to let go of all I hide
Release my inhibitions in your sin

Well it's 1 2 3 you the world and me
question what's it supposed to mean
Well like it or not this crazy life is all we got
Objective has yet to be seen
So take me out give me your energy
From the inside and just break me down
Wake me up and take my memory
It's mutiny all around these Tired Bones I'm coming home

We're lost again by new design
So wrap me up and fill my cup with sedatives and wine
I don't know what we have created
but now we're inundated
With all that's wrong so lets enjoy the ride
There's something in the way you move me
There's something in the way so count me in
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