Peacock Lyrics

Artist: Insooni

Katy Perry - Peacock Cory Enemy And Mia Moretti Vocal Club Mix
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I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock ...
Word on the street
You got something to show me, me
Magical, colorful, Mr. Mystery
I'm intrigued for a peek
Heard it's fascinating
Words up your sleeves
Such a tease
Wanna see the show, oh
In 3D, a movie
Heard it's beautiful
Be the judge
And my girls' gonna take a vote, oh

I want the jaw dropping, eye popping

Head turning, body shocking

I want my heart throbbing, ground shaking,

Shoe stomping, amazing

Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock

Don't be a chicken

Boy, stop acting like a beeotch

I'mma peace out if you don't give me the payoff

Come on, baby; let me see

What you hidin' underneath

What you waiting for

It's time for you to show it off

Don't be a shy kind of guy

I bet it's beautiful
Skip the talk, Heard it all
Time to walk the walk
Break me off
If you're bad, show me who's the boss
Need some Goose to get loose
Come on; take a shot

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Artist: Insooni

Title: Peacock

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