One More Time Lyrics

Artist: Soulhead

one more time
kiss me, one more time, baby…yeah
one more time
more than friends mitai ni yeah!
doushite ano yoru
anna koto shita no?
tomodachi ja nakatta no?
(Can't hide no more,
about my feelings)
Since the day we kiss,
I can't stop thinking of you…
*2 I wanna be your lady
but, we're just a friends…
kanawanai no??my love, my love
I wanna be your lady
but, tomodachi ijou ni narenai no wakatteru
So, one more time!
*1 repeat

suki ni natta nante
imasara?I never say…
But I just want to,
ano hi no you ni
watashi dake wo mitsumete
sore dake de ii
So, one more time…
*2, *1 repeat

kono kimochi tomeru koto dekinakute
I can't help myself, really
kanawanai?no my feeling
Why can't we…
be like that boyfriend & girlfriend
anata to watashi, ano hi mitai ni
moshikashite You got somebody else…
with another girl?
kidzukanai furi wa mou yamete
don't hurt me no more
The way you do, The way you move
I'm loving it
(I still) remember that you kissed me off
I can't keep my mind off you
How can I do?
*1 repeat
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