B-Boy Lyrics

Artist: Crown City Rockers

Beat street wild style yo mtv raps

Rap city 76 (cadi)lacs and soul claps

Abstract, kangols and baseball hats

R.T.D. l.p's and subway maps

Gang tats, kicking fresh freestyle raps

Hoodied up looking so what and being in packs

Star wars corner stores getting yours world tours

One arm hugs, new songs making you bug

Walkmans, that rapper you can't stand

Not being able to rhyme without using your hands

The running man soul jams 88 to 93

Rakim M.C. Lyte Stetsasonic Heavy D

Wack M.C's?, Fresh M.C.'s!

Windmills 90's pop lock rock freeze!

Stacking cheese, 40's and trees

t-shirts khackis, doing things the G way

like Graffiti on the freeway

Altadena east bay, moving your neck

Where your hands in the air is a sign of respect

Street intellect derilect knowledge in the rhyme

Greeting with a pound nod

Throwing up a sign

The perfect set, when D.J.'s get wreck

The feeling when the music in the club make you sweat

Mix tapes acting like your hard when you ain't

Sound and smell of an aerosol can when you paint


I love, being a B-Boy!

B-Boy pose while you rappin' along

Everybody in the club really feeling the song

It started in New York with some tables and mics

Now every country on the planet got somebody who write

And that's tight like fistfights

Really going thru it paying dues doing music

Tagging black books, hardcore looks

Circles so the dancers get busy

Culture felt and dealt from suburbs to inner cities

Ugly and pretty people get with me group photos

Slang rhyming to yourself just to maintain

With your booming system rocking fresh gear

Records in pairs B-Girls backpacks

Kinda limping when you walk cuz it's been like that

Croquasacks saggin rocking with a live band

Ripping next level music with the mic in my hand

Where my friends is fam you hear the music groove to it

Being first generation hip-hop music

Culture pride rocking hats to the side plushed out rides

All beat diggers worldwide

Vibe to the drum loops, soul reggae and roots

Forming groups, idolizing scrap and scoop

Knowing the "B"in B-Boy stands for break

I'm still using the term yo it sound so great


I love being a B-Boy!
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Artist: Crown City Rockers

Title: B-Boy

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