80 Miles Lyrics

Artist: Washington

Why do I see stars at night?
Everyone else sees the light
And how did I come this far?
I’m sure that I can’t fly

Why did you say that to me?
80 miles out on the sea
And I am built with parts of you and, you are built with parts of me

I think it’s strange that the weather doesn’t change
When you are beside me
When you are beside of me
I make my plans but they don’t stay the same
You are beside me when
You are beside me

Oh Sailor, Oh sailor

Take the wheel
Oh sailor don’t measure how I feel

Dance around the fire
Dance around the flame
We settle on the wire
We settle on my name

Take me with you when you go, now that I know what I know, cross the waves, blow the windy tides

goes so slow
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