Fire In Your Heart Lyrics

Artist: Sissel

The official song of the XVII Olympic Winter games,
Lillehammer,1994, Norway
Go to the land with the heaven aglow
Go to the home of the troll and the snow
Lead your dream by the hand
To wonderland
Go for the future you know you can win
Go for the goal that you carry within
Go where the wishes come true
I'll go with you
Climb the mountains, show me your heaven
Lend me your hand if I go astray
Life is magic when we're together
Close to you is where I will stay
You've got a fire in your heart
I need your flame to warm me when we're apart
When the world is dark I'll share your light
You'll make my world a star in the night
Love is forever with you as my friend
When I am tired you cheer me again
You're my force when I fight
This game called life

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