Rock N Roll Lyrics

Artist: The Pack


Rock me tonight, for old time sake. Roll with me tonight, for old time sake.

Chorus: It's a slow jam, so we can hold hands. I can touch your hips to the slow jam. And if you feeling this put your cellphones high and we can slow dance by the cellphone light.

Uno: You lames beat box, and I box beats. You like to slang white and I like to cop white. I'm not talking dope baby, I'm talking ice. Sky's the limit girl, shoot to the top. If you miss baby, you'll land on me. I'm a star born, yeah hop in my car. Like old times, remember them good days, shopping till the mall close, ballin' like spalding

Hook: Remember old times just you and me, we use to ball out, just you and me, for old time sake, keep the memories, hold em tight baby, hold em tight baby. (x2)

Young L: Rock with chu boy, yeah for old time sake. She my ride or die chick when I grind for the cake, plus she got that cake like everyday her birthday. She come from the same soil. Bay Area, my birth place. My chick beautiful I never see a hurt face. (Never) She got a brain, and you know that I'm in 1st place. Go bad, then you probably in the worse place. Think before you let it go, I'm touching on the first date.


B: I can ya, when you mess with a young boss. People hate S.S baby, but chu love that. And she love rap, I told her when I get a mill, I'll cash momma out. You aint got to eat a mill, that's what I'm about. And that new E-Class I'm in G-Class. And they don't know about the boy, I get a free pass. Rep S.S until the day I breath last. (You Know)



Stunna: She wanna roll with me, she see me in the Benz, I let the top down, figure hair in the wind. I got money baby, yeah we can spend. And I aint hatin' girl, yeah bring a couple of friends. She wanna rock and roll, but I roll and rock. I got A game, knock you out chu socks. I'm a hood figure, still watching for the cops. But I'm a get chu wet, something like baywatch.


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