You Went Away Lyrics

Artist: Earth Wind And Fire

Ross vanelli And philip bailey

How can you explain that we're apart
When all we've known is being together
Time had made our love a work of art
So sure we were, that nothing could change us
The dreams we thought tomorrow would bring us,
Were fading away

Oh you reassured hope and i believed
That never would our promise be broken
And now i question what is yet to be
When all is left of me is a token
Of dreams we use to build upon each day
But you wouldn't stay

You don't know the very best part of me
You don't know cause you went away
I can't believe you want no part of me
ever since you went away, there's
Nothing quite
The same in my life

I may be shaken by the night
But i know the truth will never mislead me
I have the love, i have my life
And even with your memories beside me
I know the strength inside me
Will guide me all of the way

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