On The Move Lyrics

Artist: G.Na

featuring Scoob Lover and Scrap Lover

Chorus: all together

Well, here we are,
United just for you.
Our flat-top cuts are new
Because we're on the move.

Verse 1 Big Daddy Kane:

Na-na-na now girls step up, the quick ones kept up.
The slow ones need to pep up to keep Big Daddy's rep up,
'Cause I don't let up or get up or even set up.
On a a speak freak, I know how to make you shut up.
Gasp your breath as you huff and puff.
The Big Daddy got more than enough good stuff,
'Cause I'm just like secret when it comes to trimin'.
Strong enough for a man but made for women,
So come one, come all, I'm not about bein' picky.
It only takes a hickey to make you want a quickie
>From the cameo haircut man that's dark and lovely,
Smooth and suave, that's why girls dream of me,
And not to flaunt, I love a flirt with a skirt
And after a concert, a little neeeaaah don't hurt,
Just to hear the girls screamin' out wild, G.
You're not a Jungle Brother, but that's some Jimbrowski.
I'm like a pimp, see, and iff you tempt me,
I can fill up any girls that's empty,
Give you somethin' that's mighy and strong,
But ladies, don't get me wrong
Because you say that I love 'em and leave 'em, but no, I please ya
And then catch amnesia,
But the party people can't be denied,
So I remember those who's on my side.

Repeat chorus

Interlude 1:

Mister Cee cuts and scratches Scoob Lover, my brother.

Verse 2 Scoob Lover:

The mic goes around like a 40 ounce.
Now, I'm-a take a sip, now it's time to bounce.
I won't get tipsy, I don't drink and talk
And, no, I'm not a hoddlum by the way I walk,
'Cause I'm one hype, one brown-skinned brother.
For those who don't know me, I'm who Scoob Lover,
A jolly good fellow, flowin' with the mellow.
For all the choice cuties, I'd love to say Hello,
So take away the 3, let's stick to 1, 2.
Me and you, now here's a clue what we could do.
It begins with an S and ends with an X.
Hmmm, not the number 6, so guess what's next,
So girls, don't barge, don't blink, be still
'Cause it's about time for Scoob to get ill.
Remeber you dissed, now you wanna kiss,
Write me fan letters, sayin' that you miss.
There's only one rap dance, the cool romancer.
If I had a million dollars, I'd try to cure cancer,
But I'm only here to get illey, ha.
Now, I'm drug free and I don't smoke Phillies,
So come here, shorty, go buy me a 40.
And make sure it's cold so the crew can get naughty.

Repeat chorus

Interlude 2:

Mister Cee cuts and scratches Scrap Lover, my other.

Verse 3 Scrap Lover:

You get jacked if you ever try to nap
Ona a rap from Scrap because you know there's no haps.
Now, right from where I left off, to all those who stepped off,
You know you had it comin', the blame is what you slept off.
Destruction played a part on roll, here's so to say.
You can't mislead me. Why 'Cause I know the way.
Always gave headahces, never known for heartaches.
Time and effort, huh, that's what a star takes.
Let me give you a true piece of mind
'Cause this rare species is so hard to find.
I'm custom-made for all the ladies with guts,
A tall box of hair or rather cameo cuts.
Draggin' tattoes is what the girls found,
Two on m chest, one draggin' on the ground.
To all the young ladies that's clean and legit,
As long as I got a face, you got a place o sit.
No tokens for heart-broken turnstiles,
No remarks or regrets, but I'll burn while
Those that's destined to question for a new thing.
Join us in harmony together as we sing.
For all the ladies determined that once was
So jealous, stop searchin' now 'cause....

Repeat chorus

Mister Cee cuts and scratches

Outro Big Daddy Kane

You don't stop, you don't stop.
You keep on to the break of dawn.

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