Get It Together Lyrics

Artist: Dizzy Wright

You tryna make him happy, you ain't happy
Tell me how how you find the happiness in that
How you find the happiness in that?
I know it makes you happy when he happy
But, he actin', he ain't happy where he at
I think it's time to work, work, on you
Time to work, work on you, work, work on you)
Until he get his shit together
(Time to work, work, on you
Work, work, work, on you, work, work on you)
Until he get his shit together
She go to school, take care of shit, ain't scared of shit
She meditate, she elevate, she hella sick
She hella smart, got a glow like the sun itself
She lives by the streets, there's no running for help
Only come for the wealth, won't touch her, she comes by her self
The lonely stoner, her soul is gunnin' for health
You look at her beauty, she don't pay you no mind
Rozay wine for the time, tryna make you a dime
Lost minds, invitations to situations
Portrayal imitations, changing as you flip them faces
Is it worth it? Remember your purpose
It's not forever, make it happen, it will feel amazin'
I told her, blessings come with patience, but patience come with growth
Filled with wisdom, been taking notion, found this patience in my smoke
My time (my time), problems are not stop signs, they're guidelines
Stop wishin' and start doing, can't be worried bout' what's not mine
She somkin' weed, chillin', relaxin' her soul
Naturally, the ship she wanted she takin' it home
She takin' him down, probably won't take him that long
Shadows of life, come from when we be blockin' our own
Don't cry because it's over baby, smile because it happened
You walkin' away slow, but you never walk backwards
Someone's opinions of you shouldn't change none of yo' habits
Procrastination, is opportunities assassin
It's a habit, we establish, live so average, not my passion
But knowledge is no value, unless we put it into practice
health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth
Faithfulness, is the best relationship
, now find it in yourself
Took the time to make myself, took what I've been through, in a strong way
Missin' 100% of the shots that you don't take, you gotta believe
How to achieve after you make it, the best way to predict is to create it
Meet you at yo' destination
I told her, small deeds done are better than, great deeds planned
Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new
We need to, worry about in the now, whats your purpose?
The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage
You doing things right, but are you doing the right things?
You don't need a man, but you want a man
You don't need a plan you are the plan
Look in the mirror and ask yourself, who am I?
You my queen, are the ruler to anything you prosper
And if it gets awkward, think like a toddler
Only you can slow you down
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