The Lonely One Lyrics

Artist: Dave Mason

There've been moments of despair

There've been time I couldn't care

I was the lonely one

Then you showed myself to me

And I found I needn't be

Another lonely one


Running in the wilderness

And dreaming in the sun

And crying out to the sky

For God's eternal son

Through the truth and through the lies

There is really no disguise

To hide the lonely ones

You can find them on a card

Being matched with other hearts

The really lonely ones


Inside your room behind your walls

I see your face you know

I hear your calls

Is this some madness that's been left unchecked

Or will there always be just promises


There are men who hold the key

To set everybody free

But are they lonely ones

And if the day should come

When they all can work as one

There'll be a destiny
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