The Trinity Lyrics

Artist: Sunn.Y.

feat. Omar Conry
{*winds blowing*}

[Intro: Prodigal Sunn Hell Razah]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Many years in this shit Young Razah
I'm still here, we still here, SOM Young Razah 'bout to talk to y'all
The Sunn stay burnin'
We don't give a fuck about this shit SunZini yeah
Black Satin/60 Sec Assassin
Feel the game
Bitch yo Knight 'bout to do it

[Prodigal Sunn]
Camouflaged through the City Lights, I paint pictures
Faint the scripture fascinated with crime, of brutally the liquor
Searchin' for the answers, Arthur feet down died of cancer
The fall and rise of black people, God is your only answer
A little laughter for the good times and bad times
A day of sunshine, purity and deeper of designs
Steeper of minds, keeper of rhymes, my soul reclines
Build a gold mine and see my fam grow with time
Although it may seem, it ain't what it appears to be
I stay sincerely, dearly, see I can feel with relating
Criminatin', interrogatin', God forsaken
I'm on my heart achin', daddy on the block fakin'
Another life taken, caught up in the hands of Satan
Great minds think alike, think Elevation
I shall proceed to teach my seeds
And I guaranteed indeed to blow trees
and I...

[Chorus: Omar Conry]
I'm searchin', I'm circling for the life
I'm searchin', gon' be a fight tonight
I'm seachin', I'm searchin' for the light
I'm searchin', I'm searchin' for the fire

[Hell Razah]
In this hip hop extravaganza, we the answer
Fuck dancers, pimps, hoes, players and gamblers
We Black Panthers, bandanas with cock hammers
Reporters got recorders, your films, tapes and cameras
Analyse this new grammar, you might catch us in Atlanta
We get around like Sel Antanas
Got rich niggas can't stand us, payin' the banners
Get clapped by my rap supporters, catch you borders
Sleep walkers, get advanced to street orders
Hell comin', drop the dice, no runnin'
From here to London, still the snakes stay cunnin'
Christ descendents, shocked the world with a sentence
Invade your kingdom, now got the first born Princess
Give repentence at the heaven's gate entrance
I rise like a bank interest


[60 Second Assassin]
It's goin' on like this one be the site, excite
Never gives a fuck about hype
Babies use it for ya rhymes, aight
Smoke it for your piece pipe
TNT outlaw before ya niggas seen it right
F.A. Rock, what up big Divine Yo Shallah!
Keep them niggas' hands up right
While I fuck these niggas up right
Silence your Lamb, it ain't Sam
I lay dorment in the sand
Come visit my minute glass of mayhem
Jesus Christ and foodstamps, better move man
You stickin' out like a fat ass
It's a wrap player, I went from pimpin' the skag
I left shit in the bag, in them pants fool
Fat like haystack Calhoon, you niggas is a pigeon coup
I mastered physicals


[Omar Conry]
Why we fighting Fighting for the right
AIn't no way we can do the fight tonight
C and them Sunz of Man
We fighting for our souls
Te fighting will a plan, it's burning on my soul

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Artist: Sunn.Y.

Title: The Trinity

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