Cursed Lyrics

Artist: Robbie Williams

Dig your polished nails into the dirt
Rip your skirts off, wipe the hurt off
You know it tears my heart out when you
Flirt with danger and any stranger
You're not as stupid as I look
Before I could read, you wrote the book
Since your birth dear
And you worst fears
Have all come true
Found my head when I got my first tattoo
Thought I was naked when I penetrated
Told everyone I'd slept with you
Thought you liked it or you would've denied it
Saint Peter's gonna be unfaithful
Tell God he's got a dirty angel
Cursed since your birth dear
Babe, you're not the first
You are cursed dear
'Cause I'm still here
And I'm cursed, too
Cursed like you
Baby sleep now
We all love you
We always did
We all miss you
We alway will

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