Cheerio Lyrics

Artist: T-3381707-Vanessa

Oh oh oh, cheerio cheerio

cheerio, come on let's

cling together

cheerio, ocme on now do

whatever you wanna cling

cheerio, oh, yes to every-


cheerio, oh, yes to every-

one who can confess

there is still happyness

in spite of all the boaring mess

So oh oh cheerio (2x)

cheerio, yes to a better


cheerio, to a happy life

for everyone

cheerio, and last but not


cheerio to a world in

which we could live in


without the chronical

desease of war through


So oh oh cheerio (2x)

come on and dance

spin around and have

fun tonight

let's stay together till

the broaddaylight knocks

on the door and we'll leave

the floor

come on and dance, let the

music play on and on

let's stay together till

the morningsun will stop

the show and we will have

to go

so oh oh cheerio....
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T-3381707-VANESSA - CHEERIO Lyrics

Artist: T-3381707-Vanessa

Title: Cheerio

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