Ruminating Virulence Lyrics

Artist: Tourniquet

Vision from the past
As you see yourself floating to shore
Tragedy that the water depth wasn't
Three feet more
Diving from the cliff
Never thought it would come to this
Incoherent utterance
"Don't move the body like this"

Years later in the metal chair
Passing day after day
Bitterness permeates everything I do and say
What kind of God would do a thing like this?
Ruin my life
God's got a funny sense of humor
When it comes to strife
The ways, mind and heart of God
Are certainly mysterious
"My plans are not your plans"
But remember this
That everything I do I do in love
To bring you closer to me
No matter what your problems or
Circumstances happen to be

When you put away bitterness
You will see what you have missed
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Artist: Tourniquet

Title: Ruminating Virulence

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