Sam Brown Lyrics

Artist: Calvin Russell

Op Sam Brown was a lonesome convict
He come from a Red River town
There ain't no two ways about it
It was Texas law that shot Sam down

Ol' Sam Brown told me his story
It seems a bad check writer was he
Seven times down and seven times sorry
He had to spend his life under lock and key

I guess that some will say
He was worthless
And that he got only what was fair
But I'm here to say right now
Ol' Sam Brown was just a little person
Who caught up in this lifes
Great pull and tear

Ol' Sam Brown, he liked them outlaws
Billie the Kid, Frank and Jessie James
And I guess he read a thousand stories
Of the days when they roamed the plains

Tell me why didn't someone
Help him
To belive in himself
Some, too
Hell no, they'd rather give a man
About a hundred years
Just to prove they can be
Tougher than you

Ol' Sam Brown died on a Sunday morning
Layin' right there in that cement cell
Whith ragged convicts to mourn his passin'
And no loved ones to bid farewell
They used to tell him
Sam - straighten up
And fly right
They used to tell him
Sam - don't you stay out
Late at at night
And why ...
Can't you be like I am, Sam
Will you ever see the light?
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Artist: Calvin Russell

Title: Sam Brown

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