Beautiful_Women Lyrics

Artist: Boyce Avenue

beautiful women
by boyz2men
La da da da da da
La da da da da da
You can put them on the cover of a magazine
The finest woman you'll ever see
It would be my fantasy
To have them all surrounding me
All of them in love, it seems
Their wanting things that they can only get from me
The best thing about it all
Is I can have them if
I only keep dreaming
From the shores of Milan
To the streets of Miami
Beautiful women
From the beauty salons
To the beaches in Maui
Beautiful women
From the coffee shop
To the restaurants
Can you hear me yes
Every place, every town
If you just look around
You'll find beautiful women
Black, Puerto Rican,Haitian, Dominican
Beautiful women
Indian, Cuban, Jamaican
All of the nations
Beautiful women
East coast, west coast city to the meadow
Burbs to the ghetto
Beautiful women
From Cairo, to Rio, to Montego
Beautiful women, yeah
You know there's no way I could ever be
Without their sentualities
And every time I think that I break free
It's like they always grab me
Everywhere I go, it's like a video
You know exactly what I mean
If there could only be 3 more of me
Then I could keep all these beautiful women
There they go
Doin' what they do to
Make a man go crazy
But it just ain't fair
Cuz they got us in a daze
What makes me so amazed
Is that they know it
Cuz they're beautiful
Woo, woo, woo, ooh
Black, Puer

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