Niceness Lyrics

Artist: Pato Banton


by P. Murray
This is a vital demand and a special request
to the people in the north, south, east and west. Yes!
Open your ears and don't play deaf
'cause right now me come with a touch down fresh.
No need to wonder, no need to guess
if I'm the B. E. S. T. baba baba best.
Without a doubt the answer is Y. E. S.
that's why so many people show interest.
I bring peace and love... no badness
intelligent lyrics with... no slackness.
I bring N. I. C. E. N. E. double S.

While in the subject of niceness
I have to mention the thing call sess!
Naturally beautiful green and fresh
with vitamin C for "Consciousness".
The king of reggae Bob Marley
said "excuse me while I light my spliff".
The great Peter Tosh had an all time hit!
that went by the name of Legalize It!
President of America is named after it... Bush!
all politicians smoke it in secret.
But this is the truth so you must believe it
all reggae fans smoke it in public.
We get the paper put the sess into it
roll it, stick it and then we light it.
We inhale sess, we exhale harr
if you know the feeling come sing NICENESS.

Now people believe me
when I tell you reggae music has come to rock the world.
Not once not twice
but one hundred million times positively. Niceness!

Now the whole wide world is in a great big mess
because of political foolishness.
When we should be striving for happiness
everyone is putting up their defenses.
To make things worst some mad scientists
they seem to specialize in destructiveness.
They mess up the air and they mess up the sea
and now they are messing up the rain forest.
In the struggle for money, power and greatness
innocent people end up oppressed.
You have the horse races, the dog races
but the human race is for more riches.
But one thing they don't realize is this
"material things don't bring happiness".
If you want happiness start with yourself
put all your bad habits on the reject shelf.
Then with a left, right, left, right, left, right, left
left, right, left, right, left, right, left,
left, right, left, right, left, right, left
you keep on marching towards niceness!

Now I've told you before, so I tell you again
who Jah bless no man curse, who Jah curses no man bless
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