Now Lyrics

Artist: Shedaisy

If I could be thirteen again
To live with no regret
When I could still be president
And I could feel my dad
As he's holding me in his arms
Not in my dreams
I could not wait to be
Something at twenty-three

But Now I've/we've got the sun
To clear away the clouds
So why look back
When there's a stunning, blazing, so amazing

From here love looks so effortless
The simple used to do
Grass never feels as green, I guess
Underneath our shoes
Let's you and me and CNN
Flip the switch, go back again
I wonder who we'd see
Reflecting from our TV

Repeat Chorus

The reconstructing you can do
With scissors and a little glue
And leave what's left to decorate the ground
Rediscovering your bliss
Is the sweetest part of this
Is all we need right now

Repeat Chorus 3x

Right now, right now
Right now, right now
Yeah, yeah


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