Shame, Shame Lyrics

Artist: Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

shame, shame
i was a loner unloved
i really didn't need any help at all
i really thought i was fine
i was living it up just despite my self
i used to wander the streets at midnight
avoiding any signs of life
i used to suffer alone
i really did think it would make me strong
i used to write it all down
hoping someone would read it years from now
i used to act like i was in a movie
so mysterious and misunderstood
you started hanging around
i really didn't think i could live it down
i tried to play it cool
but every single part of me felt so good
you took me someplace i'd never been before
i was a foreigner in your hands
i just couldn't let it go 'til now
a letter unopened just like a knock on the door
do you think you're so special that no one knows what your for
well you can mutter on sweet nothings
like you're on the other side of town
do you fear the attachment to things that you want
do you want to cut off things for fear of their love
well you can roll on to the graveyard and let them take you whole
or, you can live it up and leave nothing but your bones
i don't know what to do
i was losing myself turning into you
i was really undone
the life that i lived seemed so useless now
you know you made me do it
and no i don't regret a thing

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