Sabai Sabai Lyrics

Artist: Bird Thongchai

Sabaai, Sabaai (Happy, Easy going) - Bird

Sabaai sabaai, took jai gor kob gun pbai

I'm easy going, if you're feeling down get to know me

Proa chun pben kon mai son arai

Because I'm one who doesn't care about things

Mai keree kid guan jai krai

I never think to bother others

Sabaai sabaai, hak rao ja kob gun pbai

Easy going, if we get to know each other

Chun kor pieng kwam ruk lae jing jai

I only ask for love and faithfulness

Mai keree thong garn arai

I don't need much

Sabaai sabaai, laew ter gor kong kao jai

Easy going, and you probably understand

Rao nun ja yoo, rian roo gun pbai

We will be together and get to know each other more

Ja took ja sook pieng nai

whether in pain or happiness

Sabaai sabaai, mae wun dai tee jai ter pblien

Easy going, even if your heart changes one day

Mai hen ja pblaek, muer roo jahk fa

I won't be surprised, because I see it in the sky

wa kid ja jahk chun pbai

That you are thinking of leaving me

Gor kong kao jai, wa ter thong pbai

And I will understand, that you need to go

Gor kong sia jai lae kong sia daai

And I will be sorry and regret it

Thae gor yung sabaai, Hak ter ja ting gun pbai

But I will still be easy going, if you leave

Proa chun pben kon mai feun jai krai

Because I am not a person who forces others

Gor kong lerk ra gun pbai baeb sabaai

And we will separate in a very easy going way
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Artist: Bird Thongchai

Title: Sabai Sabai

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