The_Offering Lyrics

Artist: Greg Mortenson And David Oliver Relin

feat. Hell Razah

Priest talking
He rules in the neighborhood he rules
Kids laughing
Huh try on your robe man yea it fits it fits me too
I like this Emperor huh priesthood
The offering is now brung to 'em
Show us how you do this talent what the fuck is this
It's like this look

Nonchalantly I plant the words in the brain like ganja seeds
Horizontally the way I write Gandhi
Beneath a palm tree's calm breeze
Like the summer in the late 40s before the mob kick in the door
Of the Don squeezing automatic tommys a blaze of glory
That's how he lays a lamp shade Duke Ellington played
The screen start to fade cut end the story cut, cut, cut
Yo the next one opens up soda cups
A bottle of grey goose in a room full of applejacks hats
Cock ace deuce sam remo laced boots tapping the floor
A lit cigar goons got my pops liemmed up with gats to his jaw
He said where is the child that said to come from the Nile
Now in the PJs he paused and freebased did a line snnnniff
Not to be sublime but the kid is ahead of his time
He turns Kool Aid into red wine
Besides that he professes
He should be the next king of BK sniff
Besides KANE BIG and JAY
GZA was underrated but still
The word from the genius was the best stated
I ain't scared to say it back in the day we had groups
Like the DIS MASTERS rest in peace MIKE SKI
Part time hustler ruled to me
I take it back what people do for money
Money money money the offering

Razah Hook 2X
Pay your tithes and your offerings
This goes out to my niggas in them closed coffins
O Gs who was coke snorting on death row
Dead men walking and them mothers never had abortions

I come to bring y'all ass whippings
Rappers this y'all disaster
As it's written he is risen with mac slugs
AK shells a mask and gloves
They made their Hell
A basket thug and hollowed be thy tip
Anoint your forehead and empty a clip
For the average y'all spit
And I hold my pen like a syringe
Inject my paper with the thoughts of a gangster
Scene 3
Bullets sail threw his Tuxedo
He fall for dead in the corner of the cathedral
Doves flock to the ceiling chirping
The murder of the godfather
It's just my version a tied turban
Rest on the god's dome
Science study the structures of my jaw bone
It's similar to the great pharaohs
But I dealt with the streets and space travel
Big Priest from the ace apple

Razah Hook 2X

See the offering is pureness straight up hip hop
That's what I'm giving you know
Yo hold up man yo priest what happen to peace
O o yea peace peace peace peace peace
Words of the don Leo Angel

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Artist: Greg Mortenson And David Oliver Relin

Title: The_Offering

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