Atlantis Lyrics

Artist: Atlantis

"Not fair, a tale for drowning souls on higher grounds
as even wishes play their game
It's like the joy of lying naked in the sand,
and yet no reason to constrain..."

Sleeping as she took herself to the ground
while the questions are waiting in time
Praying for answers and moments that pass,
on her shoulders the burden of light

Let her see her final morning,
for a while she gets too far
For the lifespan of a teardrop
will this sunrise take her heart
and a lapse of reason then,
for the beauty of the end

“Fare thee well, my sweet Atlantis,
for our paths will cross again,
this goodbye now will not last
and the day of my return
is so sure as it can be"
And she starts to smile again
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Artist: Atlantis

Title: Atlantis

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