Tell Me Lie Lyrics

Artist: Nu Virgos

Music by Konstantin Meladze
Original Russian lyrics by Konstantin Meladze
English lyrics by Yuriy Kaminskiy
Sorry for my love. I am sorry for my grief
I do everything around you trying to comfort your belief.
Sorry that my hope is still flashing in my soul
I feel lovely, I feel lonely
Is it rise or is it fall
Keeping questions in my mind,
Looking for the truth
Tell me just one word *n* I will follow you nowhere
I will tell you all my secrets. You*ve got only to be fair.
Symbols of your love disappeared in your hate,
You left nothing for my dignity
It*s my destiny, my fate
I believe in bitter truth, I believe in you
You can never prevent it.
Know that you will repent it
Broken hearts will be broken
Now and then for ever
One more chance I will give you
Take my hand I*ll forgive you
Tell me lie I*ll believe it
Tell me lie, but don*t leave me!!!
Give me just one word I*ll switch off the shining stars.
Celebration is now over it is over for all times
Sorry for my love. I am sorry for my pain.
Trying hard to follow treatment
But it makes me go insane
I am missing you for now,
I believe in you

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Artist: Nu Virgos

Title: Tell Me Lie

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