The Plan Remix Lyrics

Artist: One Ok Rock

Ne-Yo - The Plan

How's everybody doin
Hope you enjoyin' The Truth, The Way, The problem thus far.
This is your friendly host Ne-Yo.
For all my folks in the club, Y'all know what it is rock wit me.
Well can I be honest baby I don't know your name
And if you never told me Wouldn't bother me just the same
I'm tryna get that, get that
Drop you off somewhere and then get back
To the club and do it all again
But let's not focus on the future Did you come here with your friends, please, give one of them your keys, cause you comin' wit me
Sorry, if I'm bossin' you around but
I like what I see and I get what I like
So that's how it's goin' down girl
You gon' finish that drink, I'm gon' finish this drink
We gon' go and get in my ride
OK and then
You gon' take yo clothes off, I'm gon' take my clothes off
We gon' go somewhere and get right
Alright hey
Sound like the plan to me, little mama
Sound like the plan to me yeah
Well can you take me to the place where the grass is greener
Ladies roll wit me because my whip is cleaner
Than average come to my crib hot sex we havin it
Slangin' baby, frontin baby, well, that could be handled it
Can I get a witness, I like girls with thickness head game insane
Stay up out our business
Shawty, just shake that thang to the sound cuz
and that's how it's goin' down girl?????Spoken????????

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