Licensed To Kill Lyrics

Artist: Jag Panzer

[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

Scrambled signals on the radio
Orders are given to attack
Flames light the sky from over the hill
No time for turning back
Well, the blood lust runs cold inside my veins
Twisting tormenting my mind
I feel a scream from deep inside
It lets me know I'm the killin' kind

Gonna yell, unleash this demon rage
Scream, I'm a tiger in a cage
Yell, I'm on the prowl again

A soldier on the streets somewhere in L.A.
Preparing this night for the attack
Swinging chains and switchblade knives
Feel the nails in my baseball bat
Well, I love to fight, I love to screw
Feel my heat begin to rise
Don't walk the street at night, my friend
Or you're in for a surprise

Playing on the sheets of untold sin
Who can tell what the darkness withholds
Spread your wings and we can fly
Bodies ready to explode
Touch me, thrill me, you can scratch me, love
Get me in your stranglehold
Well, you make me moan, I'll make you yell
Passions uncontrolled, uncontrolled
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Artist: Jag Panzer

Title: Licensed To Kill

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