2_Cold_Life Lyrics

Artist: The Scientists

cold you know the yolk it's spreading from you laugh as people scatter
'bout surrounded by a veil of stars you realize your life is dark earth
gets colder every day if scientists could have their way they'd study us
from far away and watch as people's minds decay cold your body's in the
hands of fools with swimming pools and low iq's there's nothing to see,
nothing to do buy your stocks and sell your jewels bill collectors stole my
mail my wife and kids are all for sale i hope to god i go to jail and no
one can come up with bail cold life i can't control my buried thoughts the
slightest thing makes me distraught i'm like the people i once fought my
every action's being bought robot trainers earn their pay as mutant kids go
out to play it's such a pretty pretty day with orange nights and days of
grey cold i've now become a nervous wreck i'm getting closer to my death i
keep expecting my last breath as all my friends just laugh and jest the
earth is such a filthy place and human such an awful race and i'd rather
live in outer space where death goes at a slower pace cold life

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Artist: The Scientists

Title: 2_Cold_Life

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