Classic Cars Lyrics

Artist: Bright Eyes

She was a real royal lady, true patron of the arts
Said the best country singers die in the back of classic cars
So if I ever got too hungry for a suitcase or guitar
To think of them, all alone in the dark

So I laid some nights beside her in a bed made for a queen
She said I kissed her different, that all the men her age were mean
Gave me anything I wanted, oh, the generosity
I took all that I could, it was free

Now the sky is a torn up denim and the clouds just splattered paint
It? s a room I? m renovating, it? s a name I got to change
If I get out of California, I? m going back to my home state
To tell them all that I made a mistake

And I keep looking for that blindfold faith, lighting candles to a cynical saint
Who wants the last laugh at the fly trapped in the windowsill tape
You can go right out your mind trying to escape
From the panicked paradox of day to day
If you can? t understand something, then it? s best to be afraid

The whole world, it loves you if you are a chic chameleon
Intersecting circles, she could hang with anyone
But when conducting business, she would lie about where she? s from
Saying, "Life is how it is, not how it was"

I learned to listen, felt like I was back at school
She? d talk forever about the phases of the moon
Saying, "Everything's a cycle, you? ve got to let it come to you
And when it does, you will know what to do"

Without even knowing, I guess I took up her advice
Painted her front door, it seemed a suitable goodbye
It? s not that often but I think of her sometimes
Just something quaint, a couple ships in the night

And they keep moving at a glacial pace, turning circles in a memory maze
I made a new cast of the death mask that's gonna cover my face
I had to change the combination to the safe
Hide it all behind a wall, let people wait
And never trust a heart that's so bent, it can? t break
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