All That Lyrics

Artist: Echo The Bunnymen

You talking to me
Looking for a customer
So how much
H.. How much what
Come on, I'm not a cop!
How much
Hundred dollars
A hundred dollars!
For just a little action

[Chorus] sampled
Just a Little Action

[Verse 1]
Bow wow wow, yippy yo, don't you want to let go
Oops, I meant to ask so you can polish the boots and all that
Don't you know I catch your eyes got the Doggy Dog barking
'Cause the g-string showing up the back
Ooh, you pretty son of a whatever, hope you got a grip
Here's a beef, want a ride, want to take a trip
Down a dark, deep tunnel to the spot squat
Baby, hit the hot twat, get a proper shot, not
Keep it on a play
Yeah, yeah!
What you want
Drop, drop to the floor, and blow the pearl
'Cause you know you run the show
Do the halls run among you all's
Hell yeah!
Well, I thought so
When you see the Babygirl back, having a back, it's all that
And can even take the broomstick up the what
Give me the props, 'cause the room get dark
When the string hits the crack, just believe that I'm all that


[Verse 2]
Don't stop, baby crack, 'cause I'm all that
Let me tell you what you got to know
Tell you how to go, and even tell you how to hoe
And baby, I can even pull your strings
Get you sprung when your tongue gets sprung
On the wing ding dingaling
Bring your lips over to me
French kiss the lips so the tongue hits the bootie
Dedicated to the macs and the pimps
Playing with the kitty cat, make the G's hit a gangsta myth
Ooh, and I feel very lovable, and even huggable
And even adorable, sweet and even suckable
So throw your lips in the air
And sucky sucky like you just don't care
And if you really know a hoe with all that
And good to go, somebody say, oh yeah
Oh yeah!
Keep your hips attached to the cat
Making a grip, slipping a wack
Best believe that I'm all that

What's that stuff running down your leg
Juicy, Juicy!

[Verse 3]
Strip show is in effect
So I want the face down in the butt tuck
Tongue's going up what, suckers like to suck
Suck a hoe by, even up your mouth, so that when a hoe I
Fucking out a proper spot to get a proper shot
Shit down your throat with a creamy bowl of cum
And down your mouth drip dripping down your face
Run, running to the floor
When a booty's jump macking six four
Got the players and the macks screaming, we want more
More what
So I bought a whole clique
The jiggahoes with attitude in the heaps
Butt naked stripper right down to the bare ass
All y'all rip through your drawers tearing up your pants
Even the pilots ride in the cockpits
Flying by way of flight H.W.A.
Make 'em buckle at the knees, get a smack, stay back
Just relax, best believe that I'm all that


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