Don't Know Why Lyrics

Artist: Eric Clapton

By bonnie bramlett and eric clapton

You say you want everything good for me,
But i know so well, i can tell when you're lying.
Making believe you're looking up to me,
And i'm just sitting here, crying.

And i don't know why,
I don't know why,
I don't know why i don't care.

You'll go on back to him, he'll take you in.
I know he's gonna love you, but i still want you back again,
'cause baby you're part of me, it's deep inside of you.
When he's done all he can, you'll come running to your other man, oh yeah.


I know you won't soon forget last night.
Your precious love was all over me, but it's all right.
Go on and try again but you know nothing's gonna change.
That's the way it's gonna be, oh yeah.


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