Libertango Lyrics

Artist: Grace Jones

Strange, I've seen that face before,
Seen him hanging 'round my door,
Like a hawk stealing for the prey,
Like the night waiting for the day,

Strange, he shadows me back home,
Footsteps echo on the stones,
Rainy nights, on Hausmann Boulevard,
Parisian music, drifting from the bars,

Tu cherches quoi, rencontrer la mort,
Tu te prends pour qui, toi aussi tu detestes la vie,

Dance in bars and restaurants,
Home with anyone who wants,
Strange he's standing there alone,
Staring eyes chill me to the bone.

Dans sa chambre, Joel et sa valise,
un regard sur ses fringues,
Sur les murs, des photos,
Sans regret, sans m?lo,
La porte est claqu?e, Joel est barr?
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