Tilted Lyrics

Artist: Lupe Fiasco

I only do these things to freak you out
I never wanted you to doubt me
I believe you/ do i believe you
I try to block you out to hear myself
I can't believe i'm thinking to myself
Would i leave you/ in such suspense

I let it go and go and go
But what you're thinking through the silence
I really wish you understood
A couple of words get so much mileage

I never felt an urge to say a word
I'd rather listen to the din of
Other people closing in one me/ i lay in bed
And think of words that you should hear
I fall asleep and then they disappear
A fall from grace/ from memory

I hear a voice inside the silence
Speak your peace and all's forgotten
I hear the static on the line
Remember how this all got started

Remember/ remember/ it's tilted

I turn away a minute disappears
I turn away in shame when i don't hear
What you're thinking/ tell me what you're thinking
You take it out on me
You're not flaking out on me, are you
Turn it tilted/ hey wait a minute

I never wanted you to be upset
But i can see you're trying to forget
What was said/ what was said
Don't try to hang me up again
Don't try to hang up on me wait up

Turn it tilted/ i need help it's

Remember/ remember/ it's tilted

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