Advent Of A Miracle Lyrics

Artist: Strongarm

you're my beloved and all together lovely
as a gift that cant't be bought as if gold
could favor outweigh your meaning to me
the secrets of the heart made manifest
even beauty's priced beside thee proportioned
by lot the less wishes fade dreams break
promise made takes away your will takes your

whole heart captive just for one promise sell
it all for one true word to hold on to face
the shame of it all safer to neglect than open
your callused heart piece by piece you have
lost a part of yourself you share to gain but
lose at love and learn to hate yourself more
and more each day and all the days thereafter
they labor to put back together and regain
what is gone forever wishes fade as dreams
break promise made tomorrow takes the most

costly mistake is to try to change the past
today the filth and athe shame they all
wash away for you Christ will clean the
slate only love can fill the void when the
world has taken its toll hand in hand by
your side we'll walk down this path
together i'll take you to the place
where promises will never break to the
advent to the advent to the advent of
a miracle true love is to die for and
is why i cry for you and the pain you
feel and feed can heal if you'd
just walk with me toward the light

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Artist: Strongarm

Title: Advent Of A Miracle

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