Wolves Lyrics

Artist: Palisades

Damn it all to hell
I lost the map
From last time that I took this trip
And I forgot just where I fell
And now I can just never tell
Where it is I stand
I lost myself from the first time that I took you in
And you forgot how hard you fell
And now you’re just starting to sell your self short of the

Mistakes that I never wanted you to make
You’ve become what they crave
Wolves will eat your skin
If you let them in
You’re a child in the corner
So I’m setting up some borders
To keep in my sanity
I’m escaping from your fantasy

Here I go again
I find me standing
In the same place just where I began
Never knowing up from down
Only that I’ll hit the ground
Damn it wheres my head?
I find me fast awake laying in my bed
And even in my sleep
I’m grinding at my teeth

So what’s the point?
So prove your point

Just like the current
Of the ocean
Pulling ourselves back and forth
A compass that has no direction
Never knowing what is north
I need to be
The remedy
Before it’s just too late
I’m wondering
If theres a cure
And how much we’ll have to take

I never wanted to be this lonely
I never thought about what was at stake
You never thought about molding yourself
Now I’m left with my hands of clay
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