Atom Tan Lyrics

Artist: The Clash

Now the corporations stopped
Stopped pushing fast food
Been a multiple shooting
Downtown at the bank
Reluctantly the panic begins
Because to catch fire
But it did not affect
The steady sale of junk

Oh the state office looked
It looked like Hollywood
With make-up bleeding
All over the cracks
Wo he blew his lines
Facing the cameras
He suffered the first
All live heart attack

Oh you've caught an even atom tan

The motor-cyanide
Cyanide suicide
He finally found
The brick wall in his life
Shining up his engine
He dressed right up for it
At the top of the speedo
He crumpled the bike

There's plenty people runnin'
Runnin' for cover
Hoping at best
To hold off all the rest
Once last stand
At the bunker fire
Machine gun
And pitchfork at breast

Oh you've caught an even atom tan

But it isn't so easy
So easy for lovers
Chained in love stained
At the top of the tower
The pink hearse is leaving
At funeral speed
Driving your heart
Away with the flowers

All night I waited
I waited for a horseman
And his ever faithful
His Indian friend
I'm not the only one
Of the caped crusader fan club
Watching the sky
For mankind's prayers

Oh you've caught an even atom tan
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